Haierc Pest Control Indoor Bug Zapper Electric Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp Sticky Fly Glue Trap Lamp HC5110mini
Created Time:2024-03-20
Material:Coated Steel/Stainless Steel Item No. :HC5110mini Size:31.5x13.7x16.5cm Power:110V/240V 33W(2x15W) Cover Area:100m² Use for:Suitable for manyplaces,for kinds of pests,safe and effffective
Haierc Pest Control One Way Doors Cage Metal Squirrels Trap Rodent Control Mouse Trap Cage
Created Time:2024-03-13
Item No.:HC2620 Material:Iron Color:Silver Wire Dia:2.0mm Size :28x8x7.7cm Packing:1Pc/Bag,12Bags/Ctn Product Use:Catch Mouse Etc.
Haierc Pest Control Mini Mosquito Killing Trap Repellent Lamp Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp
Created Time:2023-09-08
Material:ABS Rated Voltage:DC5V Size:15.5x7.6x8.1cm Color:White Power:5W Use for:Suitable for manyplaces,for kinds of pests,safe and effective
Haierc Pest Control Product Solar Mosquito Catch Lamp Trap HC6124
Created Time:2023-02-10
Solar Mosquito Catch Lamp Trap HC6124
Haierc Pest Control Product Insect/Spider Glue Traps HC4611
Created Time:2023-02-10
Insect/Spider Glue Traps HC4611
Haierc pest control product locked multi use stainless bait station HC2114L
Created Time:2023-02-02
stainless bait station HC2114L
Haierc Pest Control Product Outdoor Bird Scare Tape Reflective Bird Deterrent HC1605S
Created Time:2023-02-02
Bird Scare Tape
Haierc Pest Control Bird Scare Bird Repellent Flash Owl
Created Time:2023-02-02
Dia: 15cm, 25cm, 30cm for chose As homeowners and passionate garden lovers, we also feel your helplessness. In short, we hope you can spend less time, money and headaches to solve bird-related ...
Haierc Pest Control Product Disposable Insect Glue Trap
Created Time:2022-11-16
Insect glue trap made of high quality glue keeps them from escaping.Specially designed for flying plant pests,great for outdoor or indoor plant, especially potted plants. Wide applicati ...
Haierc Pest Control Insect Sticky Board Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying Insect Trap
Created Time:2022-09-15
Insect Trap is an ideal pest trap. It is dual sided sticky, odorless, ready to use, safe and hygienic.Trap is an environmentally friendly product, not affected by weather changes, durable, non-toxic ...
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