Haierc Pest Control Product Insect/Spider Glue Traps HC4611
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Detailed information
Insect/Spider Glue Traps is a physical device for attracting and trapping insect. This product contains an attractant, which has the dual functions of trapping and monitoring.Insect will be attracted to the scent and lured onto the trap.Most effective all-natural attractant available on the market combined with super sticky non-toxic glue traps ensures bugs never escape.
How does it work?
Step 1: Open the package and take out a insect monitor trap.
Step 2: Tear off the protective film on the adhesive.
Step 3: Put the attractant in the circular indicator circle.
Step 4: Fold both sides along the dotted line in the figure.
Step 5: Fold into the shape as shown.
Step 6: Insert in the middle position, put in the corresponding position, trap insects. 
Our Advantage

1.Safe to Use
Poison free odourless.Natural materials are safe for your family and pets, super environmental friendly and great for use in homes.
2.Super Sticky
Catch insects more effectively with this stickiest,strongest insect trap. Easier to catch the insects, unlike other glue traps which allow pests to escape. 
3.Easy to Clean Up
Didn't have to touch the insects to get them out of the trap - just opened it over the garbage can into a bag - DONE! 
Advantages of our Glue Trap 
1.High quality glue with high quality paper, non-toxic harmless. 
2.Works from light to heavy pest pressure.  
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