Haierc Pest Control Product Solar Mosquito Catch Lamp Trap HC6124
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Detailed information
Haierc solar mosquito catch lamp trap utilizes the phototaxis and thermotaxis of mosquito to attract target mosquito and insects by emitting attractive solar light. 
Haierc solar mosquito catch lamp trap to get lasting relief from mosquitoes and other flying insects. Proven to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes, bites flies, wasps, hornets, etc.
This decorative solar mosquito trap is durable and suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.
Working Principle:
Efficient mosquito traps use light to attract mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects.
The phototaxis of mosquitoes is used to attract mosquitoes and expose them to static electricity.
Our Advantage

1. Strong Technical Support
Haierc solar mosquito catch lamp trap uses solar light to attract mosquitoes, with high luminous efficiency, high brightness and long service life, which can effectively attract mosquitoes, flies and other small pests.
2. Security
Compared with other anti mosquito products that use unsafe and suspicious ways to control pests, the outdoor solar mosquito catch lamp trap is absolutely safe.
3. Environmental Protection
The solar mosquito catch lamp trap no battery is needed. It is powered by sunlight during the day and turns on automatically at night.has environmentally friendly, chemical-free, non-toxic, harmless, odor-free, radiation-free. It uses solar light to attract mosquitoes and small pests. It is the most environmentally friendly mosquito killer.
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