Haierc Pest Control Product Outdoor Bird Scare Tape Reflective Bird Deterrent HC1605S
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Detailed information
Bird ScareStick is a highly effective bird repellent solution.suitable to reflect the light in case that it can resist the birds.If the wind blows,the bird deterrent tape will also make a noise in order to resist the birds.Made of reflection form which is environmental protection.The purpose of this product can reflect the light to the birds in order to make the bird’s eyesight confusing.effective and easy to use.Hang it on your deck, garden, lawn, farm, etc.
Our Advantages

1.Acrylic material, high temperature resistance, strong weather resistance and long service life. The safe bird scare  stick is completely harmless to birds and can protect your house.
2.Physical principle: Our bird tape uses simple optical principles. By reflecting light to scare birds, safe, non-toxic, environmental protection.
3.Light weight, no pollution, good effect.
4.Is simple to use, do not harm birds, save manpower, protect the ecological environment. You can use it in orchards, gardens, wheat fields, fish ponds and airports.
5.Bird deterrent stick will crash make a noise to resist the birds when wind blows.
6.Silver reflections can mess with a bird's vision.
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