Haierc Pest Control Bird Scare Bird Repellent Flash Owl HC1624
Created Time:2021-06-04
material:PVC 50g size:39.7x21.4cm
Haierc Pest Control Products Multi Catch Mouse Trap HC2501P
Created Time:2021-05-25
material:Galvanized Sheet 1900g dimension:40x17x10.45cm
Haierc Lamp Glue Board Fly Mosquito Trap Insect Killer Pest Control Mosquito Killer Lamp Glue Board
Created Time:2024-03-20
Material:Glue+Paper Item No. :HC5110T Size:OEM Cover Area:100m² Use for:Suitable for manyplaces,for kinds of pests,safe and effffective
Haierc hot sale insect control pheromone cigarette tobacco beetle sticky traps HC4613
Created Time:2024-01-30
Item No.:HC4613 Size :Customizable/26x10cm Material:Paper+Glue Color:Green Glue Weight:70g-80g/㎡ Bait:Pheromone
Haierc Outdoor Very Effective Hanging Fly Catcher Bag Disposable Fly Insects Trap Bags
Created Time:2024-01-29
Material:PP+PET Item No. :HC4215N1 Size:21*21cm/21x28cm/21x40cm Color:Black+Yellow+Green Packing:100Pcs/Ctn Use for:Catching Flies,Safe And Non-toxic, Easy To Use,Effective.
Haierc Easy Hanging Outdoor Attractive Insects Gnats Catch Bag Fly Trap Bag whit Bait
Created Time:2024-01-29
Material:PP+PET Item No.:HC4215 Size:21*21cm/21x28cm/21x40cm Color:Yellow+Green Packing:100Pcs/Ctn Use for:Catching Flies,Safe And Non-Toxic, Easy To Use And Sanitary.
Haierc Anti-Bird Laser PTZ Unit
Created Time:2024-01-25
Water-proof:IP66 Material:Aluminium Size:Φ370×202mm Packing:1pcs/ctn Color:As the picture shows Power supply:12 Volts Or Solar Panels
Haierc high density polyethylene anti bird mesh / bird net trap / hdpe anti-bird netting
Created Time:2024-01-25
Material:HDPE Mesh Size:OEM/ODM Color:Brown Size :OEM/ODM Packing:1pc/bag Product Use:Anti Bird Net
Haierc Multiple Function Rat Trap Box Outdoor Commercial Rodent Bait Station HC2114A
Created Time:2024-01-23
Material:Durable PP Item No.:HC2114A Size:30.5x10.4x10.2cm Color:Black Packing:20Pcs/Ctn Use For:For Put Rodenticide, Also Can Be As The Protect Cover Of The Snap Traps ,To Protect The Pets And The Children For PCO Guys And House Use
Haierc mouse catch trap sticky glue board mice trap sticker rodent control rat mouse traps mouse glue traps
Created Time:2024-01-23
Glue :25g Item No.:HC2303 Size:16.5x21.5cm Color:Yellow+Green Packing:100pcs/ctn Use For:Catch/Stick All Kinds Of Rat,Mouse and Other Similar Small Animals
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