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pest control,bird control, Bird Repellent Flash Owl HC1624
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Home,Garden,Patio and other place which need deterrent rods for Birds,Pigeons,Woodpeckers,Owls...

Item number HC1624
PVC 50g
Use For
Scare All Kinds of Birds from Your Yard or the Garden
Flash Sliver
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As homeowners and passionate garden lovers, we also feel your helplessness. In short, we hope you can spend less time, money and headaches to solve bird-related problems. Therefore, whether you are frustrated because of woodpecker damage and unable to repair the house siding, or often cleaning the railings, terraces, poo on the deck, or salvaging the fruits and vegetables in the garden; the best solution is to choose our Bird Repellent Flash Owl product, very suitable for protecting your house, car, backyard, terrace, garden, barn, balcony, fruit tree, car and equipment. 
Suitable for: pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, crows, sparrows and most other birds.
Our Advantages
1. Can Be Used Anywhere
You can hang Bird Repellent Flash Owl anywhere. For example: windows, gardens, courtyards, outdoor, vinyl or cedar siding to protect your house.
2. Humanization
Frighten birds in a responsible way. Use only light reflection and movement to scare away and stay away from birds. They are ideal for pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, geese, woodpeckers, swallows, and crows.
3. Easy to Install
It is easy to hang anywhere you need. You don't have to worry about complicated installation.
4. High Quality
Bird Repellent Flash Owl uses better PVC material, realistic 3D eyes, thick ultra-durable plastic, long lasting, double-sided. A coating with a holographic diamond pattern can reflect bright flashes from multiple angles. To better drive away birds.
5. Non-toxic
All products are made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials that will not harm a feather. Prevent birds from hitting windows, entering your garden, balcony, outdoor living area, etc.
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We are a professional manufacturer produce more than one thousand various of pest control products and pet products,such as Bird Control Products, Mole Control Products, Fly Control Products, Mouse Control Products,Pet Cages,etc. Our products have been widely used for Pest control in farm,gardens,public,warehouses,hotels,houses,etc.
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