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About Us

Tianjin HC Hardware Products Co., Ltd. belongs to Haierc Industry Co., Limited, which is located in Tianjin City.

We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of pest control products and pet products, such as Bird Control Products, Mole Control Products, Fly Control Products, Mouse Control Products, Pet Cages, etc. Our products have been widely used for Pest control in farm, gardens, public, warehouses, hotels, houses, etc.

The diligent & permanent research and development work from our technical engineer enable our products has been the excellent working-performance. these attestation guarantee constant high-quality for stable & reliable working performance, efficiency and security for the products. Through our affluent technical design experience and strong competency in professional manufacturing for all of our pest control products, the products had been proved to be very reliable in different application field, even under the extreme application conditions.

Company Target:
With endless exploiting and progressing, abiding by scientific development, endeavoring to create and integrating global effective resource, make Haierc Becoming one leading manufacturer of all kinds pest control products and technology especially the bird, rodent, fly, coroach control products, reducing harm caused by pest to human and improving environment of human.

Business philosophy:
Co-creation, Common concern, Sharing
All members of company are striving for creation of product, service and management with client
Concerning benefit of client, employee, company and society
Sharing company s success and happiness

Development strategy:
Scientific management, guaranteeing quality, enlarges market, enhancing efficiency and benefit. With the strength of high quality, excellent service and technology to win the strength of market and brand, and try to make the company the worldwide reputed A Century Haierc

Company s Promise:
To consumer: supply the high effective and environment-friendly product and technology of pest control, spread concept of health and environmental protection
To client: cooperate for win-win and mutual development
To partner: be high responsible for long-term profit
To employee: supply education and training, obtain lives achievement, co-creation and sharing outcomes

Company spirit:
Honest, united, aggressive, study, creative, pursuing excellence, advances with the times, serves our country

Operation principle:
Agglomerate staff with culture, rule human nature with policy, obtain achievement with brand
Company goal: train first-class staff, build first-class team, use first-class equipment, performs first-class management, manufacture first-class product, and supply first-class service, establish first-class brand.

Management policy:
Service, coordination, guide, supervision, assessment

Service: superior serves for junior, department serves for base, previous process serves for next process, and staff serves for client and customer

Coordination; coordinate the relationship between enterprise and government, between enterprise and brother company, between inner of company, between staff

Quality target: Products with 100% quality pass

Product features: high efficient, safe environment-friendly, healthy, convenient





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The mailbox : haier@haierc.com and chenhai233@hotmail.com

The company address : #66 Xuhua Road, Jinghai County,Tianjin City, P.R.China.
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