New Products-Cockroach Glue Trap

In order to solve the problem of cockroaches and pests as soon as possible, Haierc designed a cockroach glue trap for this purpose.

Cockroach glue trap is a physical device for attracting and trapping cockroaches. This product contains an attractant, which has the dual functions of trapping and monitoring.

·Most effective all-natural attractant available on the market combined with super sticky non-toxic glue traps ensures bugs never escape.

·Premium traps included are ideal for capturing all insects including roaches, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, ants and any other bugs infesting your home.

·Non-toxic,eco-friendly and pesticide free glue traps each last up to 3 months or replace when completely full.

·Best trap locations: kitchen, pantry, bathroom, inside cabinets, below sink and faucet areas, garage, storage rooms, beside and behind refrigerator.



Item No.:




Glue Weight:






Use For:

Cockroaches For German Cockroaches, Australian Cockroaches, Black Breast Cockroaches,Japanese Cockroaches, Etc.

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