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Copper Mesh Rat Mouse Mice Bat Control HC14004
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  • Model : HC14004
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Detailed information

Length: 5ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 50ft,100ft,200ft,500ft

Copper Mesh For Rat Mouse Bats Pest Control 100 Feet birds + wildlife  
copper stuff it 100 Ft
Copper Stuf-fit is a unique exclusion material that prevents pesky rodents from entering your home or office building.
The Copper Stuf-fit is a copper mesh wool material that is rust-proof and stain-proof. Stuff it into openings around pipes or other holes and cracks in the structure and keep rats, mice, birds and other wildlife out.
Because of the way the mesh is woven, it is very difficult for rodents to chew through it.
Stuf-fit works best in holes and cracks around 2 inches in diameter.
Larger holes should be repaired and sealed permanently.
Each roll is 6 inches wide, double folded and 100 ft long.






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