Stainless Bird Spike HC1106-V2
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bird control| bird pest contro| anti bird spike|bird spike|anti pigeon spike|鳥害防止剣山|防鳥ネットです|ピンタイプ剣山
Detailed information
Bird Spikes also known as an anti bird spike,stainless steel bird spikes are an effective and user-friendly solution to prevent birds from entering unwanted areas.Bird spikes base is made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and weatherproof. This flexible bird spikes will not rust or weaken when exposed to the environment, nor will it leave unsightly rust marks on your property.High-density spikes can prevent birds and other animals from landing and roosting. It includes birds of many sizes, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, swallows and small reptiles.
Used for:
1.Keeps pets in - stops animals&intruders from jumping fences.
2.Stops cats&possums from climbing up trees.
3.Prevents birds from destorying TV aerials and other structures.
4.Cover all possible landing areas on buildings with Haierc Bird Spikes.
Our Advantages

1.Effective and Humane 
Bird spikes act as a visual and physical deterrent and can effectively prevent pests, birds and climbing animals from landing and roosting, but they will not cause humane harm and will not cause serious damage to them. These anti-bird thorns can also prevent intruders and protect your property from damage.
2.Bird Spikes Base
The base has strong ductility and can be installed well on uneven or curved surfaces, and can be easily applied to houses, garages, roofs, windowsills, signs, yards, gates and other areas.
Selected high-quality 304 stainless steel, with anti-corrosion, strong weather resistance, long service life and other properties. Under severe conditions, they will not rust or become weak.
4.Easy to Install
There are holes on the bird spikes base for easy installation. Glue, screws, etc. can be applied quickly and easily. Please wear protective gloves when handling and installing bird spikes.Easy to install and low maintenance cost.
5.Wide Range of Uses
Anti-bird Spikes can be installed on roofs, chimneys, pavilions and other high places, even close to digital TV antennas, towers, valves, columns, curved surfaces or any contaminated areas with bird droppings. Bird spikes are suitable for birds of all sizes, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, swallows, bats, and even other animals.
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