Haierc Eco-friendy Effective Flea Trap Lamp/Bed Bug Trap whit LED HC4614S
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Detailed information
If you are often at home, you may have noticed annoying flea and bed bugs. Not only are they frustrating and unhygienic, but they can destroy fruits and vegetables faster than usual.
Flea trap lamp/bed bug trap utilizes the phototaxis and thermotaxis of insects to attract target insects by emitting attractive light. The extra sticky board prevents insects from escaping.
After the bed bug trap is placed, it can be effectively trapped and killed by plugging in the power supply. Traps can also trap moths, mosquitoes, etc. Suitable for various public places, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, closed garage, coffee shop, restaurant, shop, office, hospital, etc.
Our Advantage

1. Strong Technical Support
Flea trap lamp/bed bug trap uses LED tubes with high luminous efficiency, high brightness and long service life, which can effectively attract flea, bed bug, flies and mosquitoes.
2. Easy to Clean
Haierc flea trap lamp/bed bug trap is easy to clean. Just take out the sticky trap full of flea and bed bug.
3. Easy to Install
Flea trap lamp/bed bug trap is a simple installation work, which can be placed in a flexible installation position, and then plug it into a power outlet.
4. Effective
This Haierc flea trap lamp is specially designed to protect living spaces or sanitary areas from pests, such as flies, flea, bed bug, mosquitoes, moths and other small insects.
5. Security
Compared with other anti flea and bed bug products that use unsafe and suspicious ways to control pests, the indoor FleaTrap Lamp is absolutely safe.
6. Flea trap lamp is detachable, easy to install and convenient to use.
7. Unique design
Flea trap lamp/bed bug trap is designed in the shape of a pumpkin and has a beautiful appearance. It can not only trap flea and bed bugs, but also be used as an ornament.
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