Haierc Multi function Long Handle Critter Catchs Spider Trap Artifact Hand Held Spider Insect Catcher HC3205
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Detailed information
To be honest, everyone finds insects in their homes from time to time. My insect catch tools is the perfect tool to solve this common problem.
The soft and gentle bristles of My insect catch tools gently surround small animals, which can catch butterflies, moths, spiders and other insects hygienically and harmlessly, so that they cannot escape. This allows you to quickly and easily capture and release all types of critters, no matter where they are.
How to use:
Step 1. Remove unwanted insects, aim the bristles at the target insects and press the trigger.
Step 2. Place the bristles on the insect you want to catch and release the trigger. The bug should now be caught in the bristles of the spider catcher.
Step 3. Take the spider catcher outside and release the insect through the compression handle, and release after the insect is released.
Our Advantages

1.Catch and release spiders, insects, bed bugs and other small animals in your home, office or classroom.
2.Safe capture: spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, flies, crickets, bugs, centipedes, wasps, yellow jackets, bees, moths and other insects.
3.Protect you and the insects, do not directly contact the insects, and will not cause confusion.
4.Return the bugs to the nature they belong to.
5.Easy to use by children, parents and grandparents.
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