Haierc Kids Toys Hand-held Observation Bug Catcher with Magnifier HC3203
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Do your children (and you!) love exploring nature? Well then the explorer world bug catcher with magnifier is for them. Very suitable for catching those little bugs, in order to enjoy endless fun, this environmentally friendly insect observer toy does not need to actually touch them , So that children can discover, catch, inspect and release their favorite outdoor insects.
Our Advantages

1. Easy to Use
The spring trigger on the insect trap is opened by gently pressing and releasing. It can catch and view the insects in the insect trap. In order to free the bug, just press the spring trigger again and it will disappear!
2. Security
Environmentally friendly and safe materials, children do not have to touch these bugs. You can simply capture, learn and release.
3. Bug Viewer and Magnifying Glass
The adjustable microscope lens allows close-up observation of insects. It is forbidden to touch or harm nature's little ones!
4. Easy to Carry
It is easy to carry with a necklace lanyard, colorful box design will catch kids interest.
5. Wide Range of Application
It can be used in recreational,hiking, biking, working, school experiment, camping, fishing, traveling, etc.
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