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Haierc protect safety cat fall home netting black woven mesh cat net
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Detailed information
Our cat netting made of PP material, soft and firm texture. It will not cause harm during the installation process, not hurting or scratching hands. At the same time, it can perfectly match any decoration.

[Widely Use] For balconies, terraces, doors and windows, porches, courtyards, etc.
Our Advantages
1. Safe and Durable
Due to its nature, the PP material ensures the maximum safety of your cat on the balcony or window. Thanks to the high-quality, UV-resistant and weather-resistant pp material, the extremely tear-resistant protective net is very durable.

2. Easy to Use
The cat net package contains fixing devices and accessories (hooks, pins, fixing wires) and assembly instructions. Can be very simple to install and use.

3. Wide Range of Uses
It can be used as balcony/building protection, cat safety net balcony protection. The net can also prevent shoes, children's toys and other items from falling from windows, balconies, and stair railings, providing good safety and protecting passers-by from accidental injuries.

4. Meet Your Needs
We can produce products of different sizes to meet customer requirements. It can also be trimmed to the required size to meet your purpose.

5. Best View
Thanks to the transparency and the ideal mesh size (3 x 3 cm), it can be ventilated normally without affecting the line of sight. You can see the beautiful view from the balcony.
Company Profile
We are a professional manufacturer produce more than one thousand various of pest control products and pet products,such as Bird Control Products, Mole Control Products, Fly Control Products, Mouse Control Products,Pet Cages,etc. Our products have been widely used for Pest control in farm,gardens,public,warehouses,hotels,houses,etc.





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