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Haierc Pantry Moth Trap
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Detailed information
Pantry moths are real pests, usually carriers of harmful bacteria. These moths are smuggled into your home in dry bags such as grains, grains, flour, beans, dried animal food and bird food. Not suitable for clothing moths. Only suitable for storage rooms to protect your bird seeds, pet food, whole grains, flour, almonds, raisins and other dry goods.

Our pantry moth traps use specific pheromones to trap moths, and use double-strength sticky traps to trap them so that they cannot escape. They are very easy to use, and 100% safe and non-toxic, safe for any family.
Our Advantages
1.Easy to Use
Just uncover the glued paper, fold it in place and hang it in the closet.
2.Safe to Use
Poison free odourless.Natural materials are safe for your family and pets, super environmental friendly and great for use in homes.
3.Super Sticky
Catch pantry moth effectively with this stickiest moth trap. Glue paper insect killer, unlike the other glue traps which allow pests to escape. glue paper insect killer.
4.Long Lasting
It can last 2-3 monthes with a sticky cardboard,so it is very affordable & convenient.
5.Outstanding Design
Our exquisite design will blend into your closet and provide a beautiful appearance while completing the work.
Advantages of our Glue Trap
①High quality glue with high quality paper, Non-toxic harmless
②Works from light to heavy moths pressure
④Can be hanged in your wardrobe with unique hook design
Company Profile
We are a professional manufacturer produce more than one thousand various of pest control products and pet products,such as Bird Control Products, Mole Control Products, Fly Control Products, Mouse Control Products,Pet Cages,etc. Our products have been widely used for Pest control in farm,gardens,public,warehouses,hotels,houses,etc.





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