Haierc Cat for Garden Decoration Scare Cats with Reflective Eyes HC1639
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Pest Control,Mouse Trap,Snap Trap, Bird Scare
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Efficient garden cats can prevent animals from destroying your yard or garden. Cat bait and garden scarecrow will solve your problem. This scary cat is the perfect solution to protect your yard. The black cat is made of safe and non-toxic materials and will not harm the environment. It is perfect to drive away and scare cats and scare away birds, cats, rabbits, squirrels, rodents and other pests in a humane way.
This cat can be used as an outdoor decoration in the yard, or as a Halloween decoration and other purposes.
Our Advantages
1.Protect Your Garden
A safe and humane mosquito repellent used to repel birds, cats, rabbits, squirrels, rodents and other pests.
2.High-quality Environmental Protection
This frightened cat is made of high-quality non-toxic materials, so they will not cause harm to the environment. They are durable and weather-resistant and can stay in the garden all year round.
3.Decorative Design
And has an eye-catching design, which is perfect for your yard. It can be used for outdoor garden decoration and Halloween yard decoration.
4.Easy to Use
These garden cats can be easily installed on the ground or hung.

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